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What are the advantages of having my own asset-managing "Investment GmbH?"


The tax savings are particularly high with your own asset-managing GmbH. A private investor who, for example, sells shares at a profit pays 26.375 % tax (withholding tax rate is 25 %; on top of that 5.5 % solidarity surcharge results in a total tax rate of 26.375 %). Whereas your own asset-managing GmbH only pays 1.54 % tax on these capital gains.


Overview of the effective tax rates of the asset-managing "Investment GmbH" vs. private tax rates across various asset classes.

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All costs related to the business activity can usually be claimed, e.g. administrative costs (tax advisor, office supplies, set-up costs, salary, etc.) and costs such as a company car, business trips, etc.

When the GmbH is founded, a deposit of €12,500 must be made immediately. A further 12,500 € must be deposited at a later date. However, this deposit is available to the business without restrictions and can thus be invested.

By granting a loan to the GmbH, which can be used fully for the business purpose (i.e. investing), the owner can withdraw this loan at a later time. Moreover, the owner can consider paying herself a managing director's salary since no social security contributions are necessary. There is also the possibility of a profit distribution. However, the salary option is the better alternative because it reduces the operating result.

Usually employment contracts contain a non-compete clause. Managing your own capital assets and founding your own asset-managing "Investment GmbH" are not considered a sideline and should therefore be possible.

The formation of your own asset-managing "Investment GmbH" costs approximately € 2,500 plus the statutory value added tax. The ongoing costs for annual financial statements and accounting are generally based on the Tax Advisor Remuneration Ordinance (StBVV) and depend, among other things, on the balance sheet total. If required, we will be happy to provide you with an individual cost assessment.

As a rule of thumb, it is worthwhile to have your own asset-managing "Investment GmbH" starting from a portfolio size of approximately €100,000.

When a company is entered in the commercial register, the founder becomes managing director. An employment contract is not mandatory. A written employment contract is mandatory for tax reasons as soon as the managing director draws a salary.


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The information on this website does not constitute business, legal, or tax advice and does not relate to the specific situation of an individual or a legal entity. Whether the use of an asset-management "Investment GmbH" makes sense depends on a complex interplay of different individual criteria and should therefore always be assessed by a tax advisor on a case-by-case basis. In principle, an asset-managing "Investment GmbH" does not make sense for everyone and in every scenario. The formation of an asset-managing "Investment GmbH" is only worthwhile if the tax advantage to be achieved offsets the costs for the company. No liability is assumed for decisions made by a user of this website based on the information on this website.




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